Project Description

Farming, Agriculture and Irrigation


Keeping your workforce safe and in contact wherever they are!

Two-way radio communication systems are widely used in the farming and agriculture sectors and help to quickly and efficiently co-ordinate your farm employees’ activities and respond to emergencies.

Instant communication improves efficiency and worker safety with options to monitor your worker safety with applications such as man down and lone worker.

Maintain reliable coverage easily over large areas of often challenging terrain and environments.

Two-way communication complies with the April 2016 NZ Health and Safety legislation.

Recommended Products for the Agriculture Sector


  • DP3441
  • DP4401 & DP4401e
  • DM4401 & DM4601e


  • VX450 Series (VHF & UHF) – Vertex Standard Portable Radio
  • VX-4600 Commercial & CB Radio


  • GPS Location
  • Lone Worker
  • Man Down
  • Emergency Calls

Agriculture and irrigation

  • HMI
  • Instrumentation & Sensors
  • Medium Voltage Motors
  • Kingfisher Telemetry
  • PLC Control Systems
  • Starters
  • VSD’s
  • Valves

Customer Integration

Project name:    Flow measurement of membrane filtration permeate in the NZ Dairy Industry

Industry:             Dairy

Location:             New Zealand

Customer’s Challenge:
Membrane filtration is becoming the preferred method of separating and concentrating valuable nutrients from raw milk in the NZ dairy industry. Different methods of filtration enable extraction of specific milk components by pumping the product through filter membranes with different pore sizes. The captured fluid is called retentate and the fluid passing through the filter is called permeate. The highest level of filtration is reverse osmosis which basically captures all components except water that becomes demineralised in the process. Flow measurement of the retentate and permeate streams is critical to the control of the process but the normal method of flow measurement using magnetic flowmeters is not possible due to the low electrical conductivity of the permeate water. This required the use of very expensive hygienic Coriolis mass flowmeters to attain this measurement.

Our Solution:
Our main instrument agency (Foxboro) is a pioneer in the development of vortex shedding flowmeter technology. The vortex flowmeter is capable of measuring gas, liquid and steam media but has some limitations which are overcome by the analysis of the process conditions to ensure expected measurement performance is achieved. Foxboro manufacture the only sanitary approved vortex flowmeter on the market. On presenting the capabilities of this series of sanitary flowmeter to the  customer, they immediately recognised its potential to replace Coriolis mass flowmeters in their reverse osmosis filtration process plant and now offer it as a standard option to their customers.

Dairy Instrument

Industry:                            Fertiliser

Location:                            N.I., NZ

Customer’s Challenge:
Reducing maintenance and downtime from the frequent repair of a boiler feedwater pilot-operated safety relief valve.  This was caused by excessive velocities from flashing vapours that rip the soft seals causing the valve to jam open; this was also a safety issue.

Our Solution:
Engaging with an experienced manufacturer that specialises in safety relief valves for these applications. Our solution included sizing and material selection suitable for two-phase fluid which met the application requirements and reduced maintenance and downtime.

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