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Manufacturing & Processing Industry


New Zealand manufacturing industries make an important contribution to the national economy. The labour force in manufacturing makes up for over 10% within this sector.

​Whether you are in food processing, forestry, petroleum, printing and media or transport equipment, then two-way radio communication is the solution for you.

Better communication leads to increased staff productivity as well as a safer working environment. Man down and lone worker applications ensures worker safety at all times. Noise cancelling features and increased coverage lets your workers’ communicate easily and conveniently in real world time. Complies with April 2016 Health & Safety legislation.

Recommended products for the manufacturing industry

  • DM4000 Series (mobile)
  • DP4000 Series (portable)

Kingfisher telemetry, Modicon PLC’s, SCADA, RuggedCom, Ethernet IP Routers,
Switches and Serial Servers.  GE Multilin Protection Relays, Power Monitoring,
Electric Motors, Valves and Instrumentation supplied to:

  • Dairy Industry
  • Timber Industry
  • Heavy Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Mills

Customer integration

Project name:    Chemical Plant Gas Detection Upgrade.

Industry:             Pulp & Paper.

Location:             N.I. Central, New Zealand.

Customer’s Challenge:
New Zealand’s largest chlorine production and storage site required additional gas detection.   The age of the plant was an important factor in the risk assessment potential for gas leaks of one of the most toxic industrial gases. Replacement of existing detectors had traditionally been on an ad-hoc basis and the hazardous area standard acceptable in the New Zealand market had changed from ATEX to IEC Ex. There was also increased interest from the customer for instruments that met an international Safety Integrity Level (SIL 2 or SIL3).

There are a number of toxic gases on this site, including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide as well as flammable gases such as methane which is the main constituent of natural gas used on boilers, furnace and kilns.

Our Solution:
We presented a solution that used a common transmitter (or detector) for most of the toxic gas applications mentioned above that “ticked all of the boxes”. The differences were in the sensor inserts that were specific to each gas. In addition, these transmitters met the new IEC Ex hazardous are requirements plus the SIL rating. The versatility of this transmitter reduced the customer’s inventory and has enabled various maintenance staff and contractors to become familiar with one common instrument. This was important to enable staff to cover other departments of the plant where they were previously not involved .

We were also able to offer gas detectors from within our supplier’s multi-brand portfolio for the other specialised and difficult applications which coincided with an expansion of the chemical plant and upgrading of older gas detectors elsewhere in the plant.

Pulp and paper

Industry:                            Pulp & Paper, Chemical Plant

Location:                            N.I. Central, New Zealand

Customer’s Challenge:
Required bellows sealed globe control valve for dry Chlorine service. The valve design must prove zero emissions to the environment due to the danger to humans.

Our Solution:
We provided a valve design compliant to Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6 and Euro Chlor specification (and pressure ratings) per Euro Chlor GEST 89/140. In addition, our valves have an accessible bellows design which allows for total inspection of the bellows, plug and seat for wear, which then can be reassembled easily if no maintenance is required and without consumable parts needed. This is a unique design feature that is not offered by competing brands.

Chem plant
Chem plant 2

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