Project Description

Oil & Gas

On/Off Shore Oil & Gas production platforms, Gas Transmission and Custody Transfer,
Oil & Gas processing plants:

  • GE Multilin Motor Management Relays
  • Cyber Security
  • Hyundai Medium Voltage Motors
  • In-Line Volume Correctors
  • Kingfisher Telemetry
  • Modicon PLC’s
  • Omni Flow Computers
  • Softstarters
  • Turck/Banner Sensors
  • Valves

Customer integration

Industry:                            PetroChemical

Location:                            N.I. North, New Zealand

Customer’s Challenge:
No support of the old, custom-made 3-way two ball valves, linked via single mechanical connection, supplying cooling water and switching flows between two exchangers simultaneously.

Our Solution:
By engaging with an experienced manufacturer that specialises in custom made valve solutions we were able to meet our client’s requirement of matching existing dimensions, pressure and temperature ratings, without any costly pipework modification, providing a direct swap solution.

Petro chem 1
Petro Chem 2

Industry:                            Petrochemical

Location:                            N.I., NZ

Customer’s Challenge:
Replacing an old, Combined Pressure Reducing and De-superheating Steam Control Valve, that matches the existing footprint and provides reliable service 24/7- 365 days a year. This valve can only come off-line once every four years for maintenance.

Our Solution:
Working with an experienced manufacturer that specialises in power applications we were able to offer a solution that included patented low noise Ravens Trim with 18 stage pressure reduction; multi atomizing spring loaded nozzles to de-superheat the steam required for downstream process; and matching the existing connections. Technical review of this project is still under progress.

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