Project Description

Power & Energy

We supply the Generation, Transmission and Distribution industries with:

  • Cyber Security
  • Ethernet IP Routers
  • GE Hydran and Kelman Transformer DGA
  • GE Multilin Protection Relays with IEC6 1850 Station & Process Bus
  • GE RuggedCom
  • Modicon PLC’s
  • Switches and Serial Servers
  • Valves

Customer integration

Industry:                            Power

Location:                            N.I. Central, New Zaland

Customer’s Challenge:
Experienced reduction in power generation from a decline in geothermal steam pressure from the field.

Our Solution:
We provided a Hybrid vacuum system in favour of an  Ejector and Condenser based vacuum system to reduce the back pressure on the turbine outlet thereby enabling an increase in power generation. Our supply included 3 complete sets of Hybrid Vacuum System including Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, 2-Stage Ejectors and Condenser.


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